Can I create a QR code and add a link later?

Can I create a QR code and add a link later?

Yes, you can definitely create a QR code first and add a link later. Most dynamic QR code generators support this feature.

Step-by-Step Guide

Using the DeepQR QR code generator as an example, here's how you can create a QR code first and add a link later.

Creating a Blank QR Code

First, go to the DeepQR website and click the "Add Components" button. Choose the Text component, but don’t enter any content. Click the "Save" button, and you’ll see that a text component has been successfully added. Since no text was entered, the QR code preview will show a blank result when scanned.

Creating a Blank QR Code

Next, click "Generate QR Code" to create the QR code. Then, click "Download" to save the QR code to your device. You can now distribute or print this QR code.

(In many cases, you might create a QR code with content initially. For example, if you're making an event preview, you can add an image component and upload a poster. After the event starts, you can edit the QR code, replace the image component with a link component, and users will be directed to the event’s website when they scan the code.)

DeepQR Dashboard

Go to the "Dashboard" and find the blank QR code you created earlier. Click "Edit" to open the homepage and load the QR code in editing mode. You'll see the text component you added earlier. Click the delete icon on the top right of this component to remove it. Then, click the "Add Components" button, choose the Link component, and enter the URL you want to add. Click "Save" to complete adding the link component.

Link component

Previewing and Saving the QR Code

While editing the QR code, you can see a real-time preview of the scan result. After confirming everything is correct, click "Generate QR Code" to save the changes and generate a new QR code. Remember, the new QR code and the old one you downloaded earlier are both valid and function the same. So, any printed or distributed QR codes will still work.

Use Cases

Qr Code In Education And Training

Education and Training

Dynamic QR codes are incredibly useful in education and training. Teachers can add QR codes to their course materials, allowing students to access online courses, assignment submission pages, or discussion forums by scanning the code. As the course progresses, teachers can update the QR code links with new resources, exam information, or important announcements, ensuring students always have the most current information.

Training institutions can also use QR codes in their brochures or posters. Students can scan the code to register or learn more about courses. As courses are updated or new programs are launched, simply updating the QR code link in the backend eliminates the need for reprinting materials, saving costs and improving promotional efficiency.

Marketing and Promotions

Dynamic QR codes are powerful tools in marketing and promotional activities. Businesses can print QR codes on posters, flyers, product packaging, etc., allowing customers to scan the code to receive coupons, enter sweepstakes, or learn about the latest promotions.

For example, in the early stages of a promotional campaign, businesses can use QR codes to show a preview or promotional video. Once the promotion starts, updating the QR code link directs customers to the campaign page or participation form. This flexibility allows businesses to adjust the QR code content according to different marketing strategies and timelines, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Conferences and Trade Shows

In conferences and trade shows, dynamic QR codes can significantly improve information dissemination and interaction. Exhibitors can print QR codes on booths, promotional materials, and business cards, allowing attendees to scan the code to view company profiles, product information, or demonstration videos.

If there are any last-minute changes or new activities during the event, organizers can update the QR code link, ensuring attendees receive the latest schedules or important announcements. For example, a QR code printed on a conference brochure initially links to the event preview page. Once the conference starts, the link can be updated to a live stream or downloadable speaker presentations, providing attendees with up-to-date information.


Creating a QR code with multiple links is easy. On the DeepQR website, simply add multiple Link components to generate a multi-link QR code. For more information, read "Can one QR code have 2 links? (3-minute Read)".

Can I take a picture of a QR code and use it later?

Absolutely. Once a QR code is generated, you can save it as an image, photo, or screenshot. Scanning these codes at any time will open the intended link.

Will a QR code work if I print it?

Yes, similar to the previous question, as long as the QR code image remains unchanged, it can be scanned and will function correctly. However, ensure the printed QR code is not too small, as tiny codes might not be scannable. For more detailed issues, you can read "10 Common Issues that Cause QR Codes to Malfunction".